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Colombian Neighborhood


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Authentic Colombian Coffee and salsa music to make you happy.

At Francini Cafe de Colombia we offer a wide range of products and services. From our home-grown authentic Espresso coffee beans and outstanding ground coffee for filter and cafetiere so you can enjoy the Latin experience in the comfort of your own home to one-of-a-kind Colombian gifts and coffee accessories. And for the tea connoisseur a selection of premium loose-leaf tea. Why not come on down to Worcester since we are  

Rated  #1 on TripAdvisor

Straight from our Colombian Farm to your home

Spruce up your cup of coffee with our Authentic Colombian Coffee bags. Grown at different altitudes, our coffee is not to be missed. Find your favourite now!

Want to try our coffee before purchasing?

Visit our Worcester Cafe today to get a true taste of Colombia - take a seat, try our coffee and treat yourself to Authentic Foods!

Unique Souvenirs & Accessories

Bring the spice of Colombia into your home, life and as gifts for your friends with our limited and unique collections of authentic Souvenirs & Accessories




Francini Cafe de Colombia only uses its coffee. Our farm is safely nestled away between the clouds at a breath-taking 1600-1900 metres above sea level, with temperatures that are exactly right between 16 and 18 degrees. Creating the perfect canvas for growing the best Colombian coffee you will taste. Picture enriched volcanic soils with abundant water resources, surrounded by wildlife, fruit trees, and calm greenery.

At Francini Café de Colombia our policy is hands-on, we like being there taking care of our coffee through every step of the process from the sowing of the grains at different altitudes, to understanding which nutrients are found in our soil and climate, to the selection of the beans, the washing and drying processes.

Even down to the importation made in green grain, the roasting of our coffee here in the UK with our specific requirements and finally in the preparation of each cup of coffee. We want to share our passion by offering a great cup of coffee in our shop in Worcester and now in the comfort of your home. You will not find another business fine-tuning their coffee the way we do!