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About us

100% Arabica Colombian Origin Coffee

We come from a generation of 100% Arabica Colombian Origin coffee growers with over 80 years of experience within the business.


All the coffee we prepare comes from our farm near the central-western region of Colombia, in the municipality of Filandia and Pijao at the Quindio Department. We also buy special productions from other farmers around the area so rest assured you are drinking one of the best coffees in the world.


 Life took Francini to the UK in search of a better future and now over 30 years later, we continue to uphold the family tradition.


This area is so important that a theme park based on Colombian coffee production was built in 1995 by the National Federation of Coffee growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Quindío.

Francini Cafe de Colombia Family

A brief history

25 years ago while being part of a logistics team dedicated to organize exhibitions around the UK. Francini realised the need for high-quality smooth coffee served at these events. Here, his vision to offer a product so personal and unique began to bloom.

After 14 years going around the country, Francini and Sandra his wife decided to share with the world the culture, music and the outstanding coffee beans that Colombia have been producing for centuries. 

A sucessful family business that saw the creation of the logo and identity in the following years, it was finally time to open up a shop here in the picturesque city of Worcester.

Francini Café De Colombia Worcester was born on the 26th of June, 2014. Finally, a place to express and share our culture, warmth, and professionalism with all our wonderful local customers.

Lavado process

100% Arabica variety

We begin by collecting the mature grains by hand, the mucilage (a viscous membrane that covers the seed) is completely removed by placing the grains in fermentation tanks until the mucilage that covers the parchment loses that mucous texture and acquires a rougher exterior.

Our grains then receive some time in the sun to reduce the humidity until it reaches the maximum level of 12.5%.

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Honey process

100% Arabica variety

Much like the Lavado process, this process is fundamentally the same, with the exception of the treatment of the mucilage membrane. Here the mucilage is NOT removed but rather the coffee is dried while maintaining the natural viscous exterior.

 The name comes from the texture of the coffee bean, as the beans will be sticky just like honey. The coffee does not taste like honey nor is honey used at any point.

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Our Mission


Create a coffee brand that represents the Colombian culture and lifestyle in the UK and Europe  a warm friendly environment.


The high energy, happiness and family-oriented culture of Latin people along with the great vision, good attitude and desire to succeed.

Our Values

Happiness & Warmth

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Honesty & Hard Work

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