We come from a generation of 100% Arabica Colombian Origin coffee growers with over 80 years of experience within the business.

All the coffee we prepare comes from our farm near the central-western region of Colombia, in the municipality of Filandia and Pijao at the Quindio Department. We also buy special productions from other farmers around the area so rest assured you are drinking one of the best coffees in the world.


In Francini Cafe de Colombia we only use 100% Arabica Colombian Origin. The Arabica type is considered the merlot of coffee. It has a mild taste, and to coffee drinkers, it can be described to have a sweetness, that is light and airy, like the mountains it comes from. Read more about it with our friends from Toughto.co


We begin by collecting the mature grains by hand, the mucilage (a viscous membrane that covers the seed) is completely removed by placing the grains in fermentation tanks until the mucilage that covers the parchment loses that mucous texture and acquires a rougher exterior.

Our grains then receive some time in the sun to reduce the humidity until it reaches the maximum level of 12.5%. Try our premium lavado Amazonas Limited Edition.


Much like the Lavado process, this process is fundamentally the same, with the exception of the treatment of the muci- lage membrane. Here the mucilage is NOT removed but rather the coffee is dried while maintaining the natural viscous exterior.

The name comes from the texture of the coffee bean, as the beans will be sticky just like honey. The coffee does not taste like honey nor is honey used at any point.

Try our premium honey El Dorado Limited Edition.