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    We only have one planet. Our goal is to not use any products that pollute the environment in any way, shape or form.

    You will find that our takeaway cups are 100% biodegradable, same as our pitcher glasses.

    Our café was built with a great sense of creativity and resourcefulness by recycling most of our materials like wooden pallets, hessian, bamboo, paints, and much more to create that atmosphere that you all love.

    All materials that you find in the café have been recycled, from the wood detailings, the light fixtures, the tables, the paints used, the mirrors and smaller details, etc. We invite you to pop in and see the innovative ways we have used and re-used! See it for yourself on Instagram and don’t forget to check out our Online shop


    Having the same sense of conservation towards our natural resources, and rationally using products such as napkins, straws, glasses and consuming what is necessary.

    A healthier, more conscientious life will help us conserve our wonderful, enriched and abundant planet.


    In Francini Cafe de Colombia we only use 100% Arabica Colombian Origin. The Arabica type is considered the merlot of coffee, it has a mild taste, and to coffee drinkers, it can be described to have a sweetness, that is light and airy, like the mountains it comes from. Read more about it with our friends from Toughto.co