Colombian farm

Our Promise

Our promise is clear because we only have one planet.
We aim to not use any products that pollute the environment in any way, shape or form.

Our planet is recovering because of the changes we are doing. Our takeaway cups, holders and stirrers are 100% biodegradable.

Recycled materials

Most of the materials that you will find in the café have been recycled. From the wood detailings, light fixtures, tables, the paints used, the mirrors and smaller details. Materials like wooden pallets, hessian, bamboo, old paintings, and others were used to create that atmosphere you all love so much. Pop in and see the innovative ways we have used and re-used different materials or take a look in our customers posts on Instagram or Facebook

Coffee grounds for gardens

Coffee waste is donated because it can be used as a fabulous source of organic matter and make gardens happier in several ways. For instance, coffee grounds are good for compost, fertilization, feeding worms and keep pests away. Find more about it in this article from Thespruce.com Be part of the wave, if you are interested in having some of our waste coffee just pop in to the Worcester Cafe with an empty bucket.

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