This is a superb Colombian decaffeinated coffee, offering all the intense flavours found in conventional Arabica beans but without the caffeine kick!
What Is Decaf?
Decaffeination is the removal of caffeine from the source, such as tea leaves and coffee beans.

A big misconception about decaffeinated drinks is that they do not contain caffeine. Most still contain a very small amount, even after going through the decaffeination process. Decaf is ideal for those who are overly sensitive to drugs or if they enjoy tea or coffee in the evening.

Remember that you can also have a delicious cup of coffee in our Worcester Cafe.

Tasting Notes: 

Quality Rate: 84%
Aroma: Nuts
Altitude: 950 – 1900 mts
Acidity: Medium
Notes: Sweet, Smooth, and nutty
Body: Medium to strong
Roasted: Medium
Process: Mountain water and sundried
Type: 100% Arabica
Origin: Pijao, Quindio, Colombia




Weight: 250 grams

Pijao Tribe Decaf Coffee



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