Can’t you do it strong enough? Then we have made this coffee for you. Step into the Dark and enjoy a super intense, full-fat, delicious bitter coffee with earthy aromas and dark chocolate flavors.

Strong bitter coffee for filters and coffee makers. 100% Arabica coffee peeled, washed and dried in the sun with sensations of cedar and notes of smoked cocoa. This coffee has a good balance of acidity, medium body and a fine sweet flavor.

Remember that you can also have a delicious cup of coffee in our Worcester Cafe.

Tasting Notes: 

Quality Rate: 91.5%
Aroma: Smoked Cacao
Altitude: 1600 mts
Acidity: Medium
Notes: Cedar Sensations
Body: Medium
Roasted: Medium
Process: Peeled, washed and sun-dried
Type: 100% Arabica
Origin: Pijao, Quindio, Colombia


Weight: 250 grams

Strong Bitter Ground Filter



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